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The Clairemont Killer

Foiled Assault

A month passed and another woman reported a disturbing incident in the same apartment complex. Anna Cotalessa-Ritchie also lived on the second floor. Around noon on March 25, she left her apartment to walk to a nearby store. On her way there, she saw a black man standing at a bus stop, but as she returned, she noticed he was no longer there. Assuming a bus had come by and picked him up, she returned home.

But then she saw him again, coming toward her. He passed her and she hurried home. As she rushed up the steps and inserted her key into her apartment door, she heard a noise at the bottom of the steps. When she stepped over to look, she realized the man from the bus stop had followed her.

He stared up at her and then bent down to tie his shoe. She saw that he was feigning, because his shoes were both already tied, so she went into her apartment and locked the door. Certain she had barely escaped something evil, she listened for a while. Nothing happened and she believed he'd left.

She would have cause to remember him later. She was the lucky one. The following month, this same man again followed a woman home...and this time he succeeded with his fatal agenda. Clearly, he stalked his victims, watching for the opportune moment.


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