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Carlton Gary: The Columbus, Georgia Stocking Strangler

Stocking Strangler Detail

The Stocking Strangler Detail was beset by mixed emotions. They were gratified and proud that quick action on the part of the police had prevented the murderer from taking another life. At the same time, they were frustrated that they had just barely missed nabbing him.

Police Sketch of the
Police Sketch of the "Strangler"

Unfortunately, the Strangler would attack another old woman within 24 hours of the assault on Schwob. This time, he would kill her.

She was 78-year-old widow Mildred Dismukes Borom. She was not strangled with a stocking but with a Venetian-blind cord cut from a window of her home. Police would find signs that a fierce struggle had taken place as Borom fought for her life. A lamp was broken and lay near her feet.

When Detective Ronald Jones saw Borom's body, he was devastated. He did something that is a natural reaction of frustration and grief but is not acceptable in the macho world of the police force. He burst into tears.

Then he went to a hospital for an examination and was found to be suffering from exhaustion.

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