Kill seven. Kill seven.

The location of George Anson's murder
The location of George Anson's murder

Then Archie heard the voice for the first time. 'Kill seven. Kill seven. Kill, kill, kill...' George Anson was kneeling in the gutter when McCafferty produced the knife and plunged it into his back and neck seven times. McCafferty gave the dying man one final kick in the face before running back to the car.

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His young disciples were in awe of the blood-soaked McCafferty. All except Rick Webster. 'Why the fuck did you do that?' Webster asked.

'I stabbed him because he called me a young cunt. Now drive, you fucking idiot,' McCafferty screamed at the terrified teenager. From that instant on McCafferty did not trust Rick Webster. He would have to die.

Archie threw the blood-soaked knife to Julie who hid it under the car seat. So strong was Archie's spell over his gang that not another word was spoken about the killing of George Anson until they got back to the flat.

On the way the gang went to Hartee's drive-in fast-food bar where they ordered hamburgers while McCafferty cleaned up in the men's room. Archie was in the horrors. His son was talking to him from the toilet mirror and beckoning him to go with him. Archie reached out to touch him but he was gone.

'Kill seven. Kill seven. Kill seven.......'

Back at the flat Julie washed the blood from the murder weapon and returned it to McCafferty. Only then did he talk about the murder. 'I couldn't help myself,' he told them. 'I couldn't stop. I can't understand why I did it. A voice... it was Craig's voice ... told me to kill, kill, kill.'



1. The "Kill Seven" Murders

2. "The toughest Kid I have ever met"

3. The Fatal Accident

4. Lucky Seven

5. Archie Graduates to Murder

6. Kill seven. Kill seven.

7. Voices From the Grave

8. Another Senseless Killing

9. "I'd Like To Cut Your Head Off"

10. The Trial

11. The Sentence

12. Australia's Worst Prisoner

13. Parole and Deportation

14. The Author

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