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Riverside - The Zodiac Killer Story
On the night of Sunday, October 30, 1966, long before anyone was to hear of the Zodiac killer, an 18-year-old student named Cheri Jo Bates was brutally murdered near the parking lot of Riverside City College's library annex. Neither rape nor robbery seemed to have been a motive...
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Profile of the Zodiac Killer
Former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary analyzes the behavior, personality, and motives of the notorious Zodiac serial killer who has remained unidentified for decades. The man who called himself the Zodiac was organized, intelligent and meticulous. He constantly changed his method of operating and openly admitted that murder was sport for him. Clearly, the killer wanted credit for them.
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Random or planned? When geography plays a part
According to former FBI profiler John Douglas, many serial killers are motivated by a "desire to create and sustain their own mythology." One of the most complicated cases along those lines, in which the geography of a series of murders seemed to play a part, was that of the Zodiac killer...
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One decade later, another serial killer strikes San Francisco
Edda Kane went out on August 19 in 1979 to hike the trails in a park at the foot of Mount Tamalpais, also known as "the Sleeping Lady," which overlooked San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. But she did not return home that day. Found the next day, Edda was dead. She'd been attacked from behind and had a bullet wound on the back of her skull...
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A Zodiac copycat killer - Heriberto "Eddie" Seda
At 3 a.m. on March 9, 1990, forty-nine-year-old Mario Orozco limped homeward through the streets of East New York, a section of Brooklyn known for drugs, violent crime and poverty. Unbeknownst to Orozco, a young man in a maroon beret stalked him from the shadows of a nearby cemetery...
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