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Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

All For Love

It was all too good to be true. In 1990, Karla was engaged to a handsome, sophisticated professional accountant with money. It was going to be an incredible wedding: one that her family and friends would never forget.

She loved Paul very much. He was so unique and so very wild in bed. She would do absolutely anything to keep his love — anything at all.

What made this situation a little different than most engagements is that for several years Paul made outrageous demands on Karla — and Karla, just as outrageously, agreed to them.

Paul & Karla
Paul & Karla

Paul was very annoyed that Karla was not a virgin when he met her. It was, therefore, from his point of view, her responsibility to make it possible for Paul to take the virginity of Karla's pretty younger sister Tammy without her knowledge or consent. Once Karla accepted that logic, the rest was easy, even the idea of videotaping the whole thing seemed to make sense to her. After all, videotaping was a way to remember important events.

Karla worked in a veterinary clinic so she had a rudimentary knowledge of sedatives used for animals. The trick was figuring out what and how much to use to knock out Tammy so that Paul could rape her. Eventually, she decided on using halothane, an anesthetic which animals inhale before surgery.

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