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Peter Kürten: The Vampire of Dusseldorf


Due to unusual era and location of the crimes, there are consequently very few books with detailed information on Peter Kürten.

Monsters of Weimar (1993), by Nemesis Books is about the most detailed one can find. This comprises The Sadist (1932), by Karl Berg and A Study in Sadism (1937), by George Godwin.

The references below are solely for books that contain a short account or narrative of the Kürten crimes.

Crimes of Horror (1993), by Treasure Press.

The Murderer's Whose Who (1994), by J.H.H.Gaute and Robin Odell.

The Dracula Syndrome (1989), by Richard Monaco and William Burt.

World Famous Serial Killers (1992), by Colin and Damon Wilson.

The Murder Almanac (1992), by Richard and Mary Whittington-Egan.

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