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John Rulloff: The Genius Killer


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"Desperate Encounter with Burglars in Binghamton"

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"The Forging of the Chain of Circumstance around the Prisoner," Jan. 9, 1871.

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"How the Binghamton Murderer Employs his Time,"

"Recreations of a Murderer," Jan. 25, 1871.

"The Missing Daughter of the Murderer Rulloff — An Improbable Story," Jan. 26, 1871.

"An Illustration of his Hard Luck," April 3, 1871.

"Rulloff Doomed," April 6, 1871.

"The Flight across the River," April 7, 1871.

"Professor Mather's Account of his Interview with Him — His Zeal as a Philologist," April 23, 1871.

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