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Worlds worst vacations
Indonesia's Bali Island is a much-heralded vacation location, but, as Schapelle Corby (pictured) learned, even paradise has its downside. As Corby passed through customs at Bali's Nigurah Rai Airport in 2004 for a two-week holiday with friends and family, officials discovered more than nine pounds of marijuana in her boogie board bag. To put it mildly, the Indonesian government frowns on marijuana trafficking, and Corby was immediately incarcerated. Despite her protests of innocence — Corby claims that she had never seen the drugs before and that baggage handlers in her native Australia had planted the drug in an ill-executed smuggling venture without her knowledge — the 28-year old was sentenced in 2005 to 20 years in prison. At present, Corby, dubbed the "Ganja Queen" by unsympathetic Indonesian media, has exhausted her appeals, and her only hope for early release is clemency from the Indonesian government. In order to receive clemency, however, Corby would need to admit guilt, something she to date has refused to do.
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