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Wedding Brawlers
Wedding Punch
Wedding Punch
Sharon Hancox, 40, of Swansea, Wales (left), was celebrating her gay civil ceremony with her partner Nicola Hutin (right), family and friends at a reception in August 2009, when an argument between her partner and an uninvited guest became heated. When the doorman at the bar at which the reception was being held intervened to separate the two, Hancox, who had quarreled with that doorman in a previous visit to the bar, injected herself into the confrontation, fueled perhaps by the eight-or-so pints of beer and the glass of champagne she had consumed. In the brawl which ensued, Hancox was heard to threaten to slit the doorman's throat and then exposed her breasts to him before striking him with her fists and one of her stiletto-heeled shoes. Hancox spent the night in jail before being bailed out to begin her honeymoon, and pleaded guilty in March 2010 to common assault, being sentenced to 60 hours of community service and fined £250.
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