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UConn Wins Big, Parties Hard
Following the University of Connecticut men's basketball team's victory over Georgia Tech in the 2004 NCAA championship, the student body got a little out of hand. The following photos, pulled from social networking sites, were sent out to students along with a stern message from the Dean of Students Office. The Dean's message asked students to identify those seen in the photos, and for the "small number of individuals who embarrassed [the UConn] community" to come forward and identify themselves. According to the, 35 people were arrested following the party-gone-awry.

This year, before the national championship game, University President Philip Austin and Police Chief Robert Hudd sent an email urging students not to repeat 2004's catastrophe.
''Nothing can be gained from harmful, destructive, or criminal actions,'' they wrote. ''However, anyone who engages in this sort of behavior does have a great deal to lose, including risking arrest and possible expulsion from the university.''
Some rioting did ensue however, but as captured in this video they were not as successful at flipping over cars as they were in 2004. After the Huskies' win against Butler on April 4th, their third NCAA championship title, 27 people were arrested amid post-game revelry, but only ten were students.
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