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A Little White Magic
A Little White Magic
Two officers with the North Miami Beach Police force were fired for allegedly casting a Santeria curse on City Manager Lyndon Bonner shortly before police department layoffs were to begin. Officers Elizabeth Torres and Yvonne Rodriguez were apparently caught in the preparation phases. Ultimately the officers and janitor Esther Villanueva planned on scattering birdseed in the city manager's office in performance of a spell that is supposed to get your enemies to leave you alone. Torres told investigators that, according the practices of Santeria, "If you take supposedly birdseed and you put it around the outside of the door of a person who is doing bad things to you, that it will make them leave you alone." Villanueva allegedly did not want to go through with the ritual and told her boss about it. Villanueva's boss initiated the investigation. Torres was fired for violation of department rules and Rodriguez for similar violations as well as conduct unbecoming an officer and making false statements.

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