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Schoolteachers in the Slam
Snack Time Crime
Snack Time Crime
A sixth-grade teacher at Lakeland Middle School in Florida, Simone Paolercio, 39, was arrested on December 17 for allegedly throwing hashbrows at a McDonald's worker. In a video posted by the Smoking Gun a woman police believe to be Paolercio is seen throwing food back through the drive-through window after a worker and the manager refused to give her a refund. According to what employee Jessica Balderas told police, "there was a disagreement over two hashbrowns." One of the thrown hashbrowns allegedly struck Balderas in the face. Paolercio was arrested at her home on a misdemeanor battery charge and spent the night in jail. Her husband, a trucker, threatened to sue McDonalds in a Facebook post: "I will never step foot in a McDonald's again. A lawsuit will be coming for what they did....."
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