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You May Now Arrest the Bride: Most Ridiculous Wedding Disasters
Don't Tase Me, Officer
Don't Tase Me, Officer
07/19/2008: The beautiful wedding of Andy Somora and Anna Pastuszwska in Lakeside, Michigan, degenerated into a drunken free-for-all when guests over-imbibed at the reception, held at a local art gallery. When a lamp flew through a window, the gallery owner had had enough and called the police. Police arrived in time to witness a guest glugging vodka right out of the bottle. In all, officers from 14 departments arrived on the scene to get the party under control. Somora became furious when the officers tried to break up the party, yelling "What are you doing? This is my wedding! You're making my wife cry!" a prosecutor told the The Chicago Sun-Times. An officer tasered Andy, and because Anna was holding on to him, she got tasered too. The pair were separated and each spent the night in jail. Only two days later, the newlyweds had another spat with cops and both got tasered again, just for good measure.
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