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Sweet Revenge
Feb. 23, 2008: When restaurant patron Kevin Hansen politely noted that the steak he had ordered at the Texas Roadhouse in West Bend, Wisc., was a little overdone for his liking, the manager insisted that Hansen accept another, rarer, steak. Having nearly finished his meal, though, Hansen took the replacement steak home. The next day, when Hansen had the second steak for lunch, he found an unwelcome surprise inside the meat. Hansen alleged that Ryan Kropp, a cook at the Texas Roadhouse, had perceived the complaint as a brash attempt to obtain free food, and decided to exact revenge by stuffing his own body hair into a cut he made in the underside of the meat. Kropp would confess to the police that he had placed a few facial hairs in the meat, but another cook in the kitchen told police that Kropp had declared, "These are my pubes," as he defiled Hansen's second steak. Kropp was found guilty of placing foreign objects in edibles, a felony, and sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation.

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