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Tainted Tampons
Tainted Tampons
Alert Salt Lake City shopper Cindy Davidson, 39, was at the local NPS Store, described as a "salvage and freight recovery company," to buy Crest Whitestrips, when she opted to also buy a box of Boots brand tampons. On opening the sealed box at home, which Davidson reportedly said did not look at all tampered with, she discovered a substantial amount of cocaine-filled baggies hidden in the tampon applicators inside sealed packaging. Davidson called police, who field tested the substance in the applicators, and confirmed that it was cocaine. According to The Smoking Gun, she got on Facebook right after the police left, and told her friends, "No one would ever believe what has happened 2 me 2nite. I bought a package of tampons filled with cocaine bags. I have had hazmat and the police at my house all night. I will post details as they become available. Totally tripping out." Police, who believe Davidson's package is tied to a possible local drug distribution ring, seized the rest of the Boots tampons at the NPS Store to check for illegal drugs.
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