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Bob Ryder/Danita Brown
Bob Ryder/Danita Brown
In June 2011, Bob Ryder (pictured) met Danita Brown (inset) and brought her back to his apartment in Lewiston, Maine. What precisely happened next is not known, but ended with Ryder allegedly killing Brown, and burying her in the basement of his building. That might have been the end of the story, but Ryder recounted the episode to his sponsor at his Alcoholics Anonymous group, Floyd Nadeau. Nadeau kept Ryder's secret for a while. Confidentiality is assumed for most conversations between AA members, and the relationship between sponsors and their mentees is especially close, but every relationship has its limits. After mulling things over for two weeks and consulting with his own sponsor, Nadeau went to the police. That same day police recovered the body. Ryder, already in jail for violating his parole, was charged the next week.
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