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Serial Killers Killed in Prison
Donald Leroy Evans
Donald Leroy Evans
Not much is known about the murders committed by Mississippi serial Killer Donald Leroy Evans (pictured), 34 at the time of his 1991 arrest in Louisiana, because he made so many false confessions. In 1991 Evans was arrested for kidnapping a girl, 10, whom he confessed to killing. He led police to her body on condition that he be kept in federal custody. He then proceeded to confess to 70 other murders committed all over the U.S., many of which didn't pan out, but his descriptions of two Florida murders were spot on. In the end Evans said that most of his confessions were hoaxes.

Evans was convicted of three murders: Ira Jean Smith, 38, who unlike his other victims, was black; Janet Movich, 38; and Beatrice Routh, 10. He was sentenced to death, in 1993 for murdering Routh, and in 1995 for murdering Smith and Movich. In 1999 the self-described white supremacist, who was still a strong suspect in 12 murders, was stabbed to death in the shower by a black, fellow death-row inmate Jimmie Mack, who was being led to the shower at the time. Corrections officials had no comment on whether the murder was racially motivated, but the district attorney had this to say, "We don't mourn him. We simply close his file."