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'Snot Cool, Man
'Snot Cool, Man
In Greenville County, S.C., a McDonald's employee was arrested after he allegedly served two customers sweet tea spiked with his own phlegm. According to Sheriff's Deputy Laura Campbell, a mother and daughter who had ordered sweet tea returned to the drive-thru because they had accidentally gotten unsweetened tea. When they got their tea back, it was still unsweetened. Instead of sugar, their teas both had a glob of phlegm floating in them. The women opted to go directly to police instead of back through the drive-thru. Marvin Washington Jr., 19, was arrested in connection with the April 14 incident and charged with unlawful and malicious tampering of food. According to police, a surveillance tape shows Washington leaning his face over the drinks before serving him back to the customers. He was jailed and released on $5,000 bond.
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