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Rough and Tumble
Police are looking for Roberto Flores (inset), 27, a man they believe attacked and bit the lips off his wife, Perla Padilla (top), and, years later, his pregnant girlfriend, Victoria Silva (bottom), 22. Silva told that Flores was "very funny, charming, nice looking, very nice personality," and possibly the man of her life, until January 2012 when he moved in. According to Silva, "He started being more of a jealous type of person, aggressive, violent, controlling," until she dumped him, and says he "bit my nose, my bottom lip, and last he bit off my upper lip. I know he probably ate it. We never found it." Flores reportedly would not let Silva get medical treatment unless she promised not to press charges.

Shockingly, Flores had already been convicted of doing the same thing to Padilla, in 2008: Biting off her lower lip and exposing her teeth and gums. Though Flores was sentenced to five years in prison for battery with substantial bodily harm, he only served seven months. As of May 1, 2012, Flores is still at large and may have already found a new girlfriend. Any information leading to his arrest can be reported to Las Vegas Police or to Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.
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