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Michael Lohan
Michael Lohan
Less than 12 hours after being released from jail, Michael Lohan is once again behind bars. TMZ reports that Lohan contacted his ex, Kate Major, who has a restraining order against him. Major had phoned police, complaining that Lohan was calling her incessantly. Police went to her apartment, and after Lohan called again, they went to his hotel. In an attempt to escape, Lohan allegedly jumped off his 3rd floor balcony, falling 34 feet. He was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release and resisting arrest without violence.

Michael Lohan was arrested in Florida following an alleged domestic dispute that occurred in early on the morning of Tuesday, October 25. According to police, Lohan showed up at the door of his ex-fiance, tabloid reporter Kate Major, who has a restraining order against him. The two were due to appear in court that day for a hearing that would determine whether or not the temporary restraining order would be made permanent. Major, 28, was granted the order on October 3rd, after telling the court that Lohan had been harassing her and her father. Major told police that after showing up uninvited, Lohan became violent and was yelling at her about the court hearing, and because she refused to give him oral sex. Lohan gave police another version of the story, saying that Major asked him for a ride to her house, where they had sex and then got into an argument. He was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Lohan, father to Mean Girls star turned bad-girl socialite Lindsay Lohan, has had more than his fair share of legal troubles. When Lindsay was a five-year-old future superstar in 1990, her dad was convicted of insider trading and sentenced to three years. Lohan wound up in court-ordered anger management classes after punching a sanitation worker in 2003, an incident that took place after he had allegedly hit his brother-in-law with a shoe. In March of 2007 Lohan was released after serving more than two years at the Collins Correctional Center in Buffalo, N.Y., for causing a fiery car crash while driving under the influence. While incarcerated, Lohan sought to change his reckless ways by becoming a minister through Teen Challenge, a ministry whose focus is keeping adolescents sober. Would-be reality star Lohan did not stay out of trouble long. In May, 2009, Lohan, 49, was charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment after he allegedly made a phone call threatening to kill his then-girlfriend, Erin Muller, 24, and himself if Muller left him. Lohan pleaded not guilty to the charge, and a Long Island judge agreed to let him go provided he stayed on the up and up for a year.
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