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Attempted Capital Murder
Attempted Capital Murder
In February 2011, Bellaire, Texas, lawyer Jeffrey Mark Stern, 53, became the sixth person to be indicted in an alleged plot to kill his wife, Yvonne Stern, who has so far survived at least three attempts on her life, the last leaving her critically wounded in May 2005. Yvonne Stern had filed for divorce from her husband after the third attempt on her life, after she had found out he had been having an affair with Michelle Cabrera Gaiser, 37, who in June 2005 was charged with solicitation of capital murder. Also indicted were Damian Ricardo Flores, 27; Nhut Nguyen, 37; Richard Andrew Gutierrez, 33; and James Steven Lowery, 27. Flores was charged with attempted capital murder; Nguyen with aggravated assault; and Gutierrez and Lowery with solicitation of capital murder. Yvonne Stern later dropped the divorce petition and reconciled with her husband, saying she believed he had no connection to the plot. On hearing of the Sterns' reconciliation, a stunned defense attorney for one of the accused hitmen said, "That is absurd that she is standing by him and believes he had nothing to do with it. There is substantial evidence of his involvement. I'll leave it at that." Jeffrey Stern is a civil attorney with a troubled legal history: He was the object of five disbarment lawsuits by the Texas Bar Association as well as of attempted sanctions in Louisiana.
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