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New York, NY<br />David Berkowitz: Son of Sam
New York, NY
David Berkowitz: Son of Sam
The demonic voices in the head of David Berkowitz (right) head spurred him to stalk and kill pretty young women across the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. He committed 8 shootings, killing six people and wounding 7—and before his spree, he'd already stabbed two women and set 1,488 fires that he meticulously documented in his diary. It was his urge to write that resulted in his apprehension and ended his murderous11-month run in 1977: He wrote a couple of weird letters to dog owners, one of whom recognized him as a former tenant, as well as to the police task force charged with finding him, and another to the Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin. Psychiatrists who read the "Son of Sam" letters pegged the then-unknown killer as a lonely, paranoid schizophrenic; they were right. Berkowitz confessed to the crimes and is spending the rest of his life in prison. (left top Christine Freund, bottom Stacey Moskowitz)

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