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Anthony Mirra: Knife Man
Anthony Mirra: Knife Man
Like many mobsters who did not want to go through the hassle of being caught by police with illegal firearms, Bonnano family soldier Anthony Mirra always carried a knife. However, when it came to conducting lethal business, most mobsters preferred the brutal, instantaneous effectiveness of guns. Anthony Mirra wasn't like most mobsters. Known as a "knife man," Mirra often used his long-bladed folding knife. Because of his violent temper and unpleasant personality he was feared and disliked by those who associated with him. Mirra was known as a womanizer who treated women badly, once threatening to murder a woman he was courting when he found out she was a lesbian. Mirra is perhaps best known for introducing FBI agent Joseph Pistone, alias "Donnie Brasco," into the Bonnano family. When it came to light that Brasco, whom the Bonnanos had trusted for nearly five years, was an agent, Mirra immediately went into hiding, knowing that no one in the mob liked him enough to take a stand in his defense. In 1982, Mirra was shot in the back of the head by Bonanno member Joseph D'Amico, while seated in his parked Mercedes.

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