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Kingpin for a Day
Kingpin for a Day
On December 28, 2011, while workers were mowing his enclosure, saltwater crocodile Elvis, who is a known grump, decided to charge. The unsuspecting reptile park worker held up the mower defensively, but after a brief struggle, Elvis victoriously claimed his trophy, dragging it into his lagoon. According to Tim Faulkner, operations manager at the Australian Reptile Park north of Sydney, "Before we knew it, the croc had the mower above his head. He got his jaws around the top of the mower and picked it up and took it underwater with him."

Disaster having been averted, Faulkner and the two other men working in Elvis' enclosure got to work retrieving the sunken mower from the proud, territorial beast. It took a distraction of tasty kangaroo meat to keep Elvis busy long enough for one of the men to wade into the lagoon with the 16-foot (5 meter) reptile and retrieve the mower. He also retrieved two teeth the croc had lost in the mêlée. The teeth would clog the filtration system if left in the pool. Faulkner said he thought Elvis was quite pleased with himself that day, "He's beaten us today ... he's kingpin," Faulkner said. "He's going to be walking around with his chest puffed out all day." No word on how soon Elvis' enclosure will be mowed again. (video)

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