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Aliahna Lemmon
Aliahna Lemmon
Aliahna Lemmon, 9, went missing Friday on December 23, 2011. She and her sisters had been staying with neighbor/family friend Mike Plumadore, 39, while her mother, Tarah Souders, 28, recovered from the flu. Souder told police that Aliahna, who was hard of hearing and had Attention Deficit Disorder, needed supervision that her husband, who worked nights and slept during the day, was unable to provide. Plumadore, who had watched the children before, was the one who called to report Aliahna as missing. Police were concerned because there were 15 registered sex offenders living in the area where the girl had disappeared. On Monday, sadly, police found Aliahna's body and arrested Plumadore, whom they had already interviewed several times. He allegedly confessed to beating her to death with a brick, and then dismembering her body. He stored her head, hands and feet in his freezer, and dumped the rest of her remains in garbage bags. Though Plumadore has a police record in Florida, it does not include sex offenses. No motive has been established for the murder.

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