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Keeping the Body
Social Insecurity
Social Insecurity
On March 6, St. Tammany Parish police found the decomposing remains of a man inside an ice chest at a Slidell home. The body, which police said had been in the chest long enough to "putrefy and liquify" is thought to be the remains of the father of Debra Fisher, who lives at the residence. Fisher's roommate, Heidi Todd (pictured,) has been arrested, and a warrant is out for Fisher's arrest pending her release from a mental health evaluation. Both are charged with unlawful disposal of remains; Fisher is additionally charged with mutilating or disinterring human remains. The discovery was made after the two women refused to allow their landlord into their apartment. The landlord, worried because he hadn't seen the elderly man who lived there in some time, called police, who arrived to find the residence in nearly unlivable conditions. The body was found crammed into a 160-quart cooler. The hands had been cut off. Investigators suspect that Fisher didn't report her father's death to continue collecting his Social Security checks.
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