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Drunk Hospital Worker Slams into B.A.T. Van
Drunk Hospital Worker Slams into B.A.T. Van
Hospital spokesperson and Marketing Director Calli Dretke, 25, drove her way to infamy around 2 a.m. on April 22, 2012, when she totaled the scene of a D.U.I. stop by drunkenly driving right through it. A Montgomery County, Texas, deputy, who was having difficulty collaring a D.U.I. suspect, had called for back-up. The county's blood alcohol testing (B.A.T.) van showed up first, followed by another police cruiser. All three vehicles were on the shoulder of the road, with their emergency lights on, the deputies standing nearby. Dretke, who, incidentally, is married to a firefighter, slammed into the B.A.T. van first. There was no blood alcohol content reported for Dretke by the media, probably because she totaled the van. Dretke then slammed into the two patrol cars. One of the deputies tried jumping onto the roof of his cruiser to get out of her way, but she clipped his leg with her car and broke it. According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter he is expected to make a full recovery. Thankfully, no other injuries were reported. Dretke was arrested and bond set at $50,000.
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