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Yusra Farhan
Yusra Farhan
Yusra Farhan (right), 50, was arrested on February 8, 2012, for allegedly beating one of her daughters, 18, and tying her to the bed, after discovering that the girl had cut night school to be with a boy. The girl was hospitalized for her injuries, which is where police contacted Yusra Farhan as she visited her daughter. She told them that she had caused her daughter's injuries and explained that, "Iraqi culture states that a female is not allowed to be having contact with males because females are not allowed to have boyfriends." Officers immediately proceeded to arrest her and tried to cuff her, but not without a fight. The arrest report states that she resisted by, "stiffening her arms in a manner to prevent police from placing handcuffs on her" and then throwing herself to the floor of the hospital while continuing to resist arrest. She called out for family members' help. They intervened and all had to be restrained while she was cuffed and physically carried out because she refused to walk.

Investigation into an inch-long cut on the victim's neck implicated her father, Mohammed Altameemi (center), 45, in having assaulted her with a knife in an attempt to kill her, an attempt that was thwarted by daughter Tabarak Altameemi (left), 18, who confessed to tying her sister to the bed. Mohammed Altameemi says he hit his daughter, but denies assaulting her with a knife. Based on this new information Farhan was rearrested along with Tabarak and Muhammed on February 15. Other alleged instances of assault on the daughter continued to surface including a November 2011 incident, in which she reported being held down by her sister while her mother burned her on the face and chest with a hot spoon as punishment for refusing an arranged marriage with a man, 38. Farhan was booked on another charge of aggravated-assault, Tabarak Altameemi for aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment charges, and Mohammed Altameemi for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and simple assault.