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Crappy Birthday
Crappy Birthday
Three Avondale, PA., teens will spend nearly two years on probation after admitting to giving feces-frosted birthday cake to a classmate. In March, Mayra Flores, 19, Ana Mireles, 18, and Sandra Ortiz, 18, brought a cake to Avon Grove High School which they had smeared with human excrement they got from the toilet at Ortiz's home. They then urged the unlucky recipient of the foul confection to eat it in front of them until she took a tiny bite. The girl brought the cake home with her, where she, her sister and mother all had a piece but thought it was so unpalatable that they threw it away. The next day, the girl brought the smelly cake, wrapped in a plastic bag, to school, where she showed it to the principal and told him what happened. According to police, Ortiz, Flores, and Mireles, as well as an unnamed juvenile, wrote statements admitting to the distasteful prank. On December 19, 2011, the trio were sentenced to 22 months of probation and 200 hours of a very specific kind of community service -- they will be scrubbing toilets at area senior centers, or picking up dog droppings at local parks.

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