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Good Neighbors — Not Really
The Former Celebrity
The Former Celebrity
Former Baltimore police officer Pete Richter (pictured), 66, was arrested for gunning down his Kent Island, Md., neighbor Mark Xander, 55, on April 3, 2011. The two had previously had numerous run-ins, starting with the construction of Richter's house, which was vandalized, according to Richter, by Xander's son. They had also had conflicts over the Xanders' dog. The Xanders filed peace orders against Richter for spraying their dog with a hose, and Richter filed trespassing complaints against the Xanders. According to the police report, Xander was trimming his hedges when his dog ran onto Richter's property. He went to retrieve the family pet and was returning to his property when he was shot in the back. Xander was found in his yard, but police believe he was shot in Richter's garage or driveway. Xander was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Richter, who was a conservative radio talk show host and once ran for Queen Anne's County Sheriff, is being charged with murder.
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