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Fire Starters
A Sexy Massage?
A Sexy Massage?
On April 19, 2012, Shriya Biman Patel, 25, argued with her husband of one year, an Austin, Texas, man, 29. The Indian national had just joined her husband in the U.S. a week earlier. Then Patel allegedly offered him a relaxing massage with oil by candlelight. Austin Police Sergeant Christine Chomout, told KVUE that, "She was going to prepare a massage for him in the bathtub and that once he was in the bath tub, oil was poured over him and he said he caught on fire." Emergency responders arrived to find the severely burned victim still smoldering, the fire alarms disabled and the fire sprinkler heads covered with scarves. As he was wheeled to the helicopter her husband allegedly cried, "Why did she burn me? All I was trying to do was love her." Patel told police that he set himself on fire. Investigation, however, revealed the stunning level of premeditation, including Patel's trip to the Walmart, caugh on surveillance video, where she bought the items used in the attack, including the scarves. Austin Fire Department Captain Andy Reardon told reporters that, "In 17 years at the fire department, I have seen burns like this but nothing that was premeditated like this." The victim was stabilized and put in a medically induced coma. Patel was arrested on charges of arson and aggravated assault and bond was set at $500,000.
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