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It's Complicated
It's Complicated
While still pregnant with their second child, starlet Denise Richards decided that her marriage to Hollywood bad-boy Charlie Sheen was over in March 2005. While rumors of reconciliation surfaced later in the year, in January 2006, the couple entered private arbitration to settle their affairs and end the marriage. In April, Richards upped the stakes by filing for a restraining order against Sheen for alleged compulsive gambling, abuse of prescription medication and verbal and physical threats against her. Sheen denied the charges, but did not protest the extension of the restraining order in June. In August, the restraining order was allowed to lapse, and their divorce was official in November 2006, but the issue of child custody defied resolution. In August 2007, Sheen filed for expanded visitation privileges and sparred with Richards over the children's nannies for the rest of the year. In January 2008, Richards announced her intention to involve the children in her E! reality series Denise Richards: It's Complicated, and Sheen unsuccessfully took her to court to stop her. After Sheen's remarriage in May 2008, the level of rhetoric between the two camps cooled, but Sheen's arrest for domestic assault on his new wife in December 2009 may reopen the struggle.
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