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From Tame to Violent
From Tame to Violent
The career of musician, songwriter, talent scout and producer Ike Turner (pictured), who is perhaps best known for his tumultuous and allegedly abusive marriage to singer Tina turner, began in 1950. In 1959 he was charged with what he described as "interstate transportation of forged checks and conspiracy," but was later acquitted. Turner was known to have been a teetotaler, who demanded the same of his musicians, until 1960, when he was introduced to cocaine. He quickly became addicted and was unable to break the cycle of addiction until he was incarcerated in 1991. By that time he had been arrested 11 times, mostly on drug charges, but also assault. He was convicted of possessing and transporting cocaine, and sentenced to four years in a California prison. He served 17 months. He was able to stay clean until 2004 when he relapsed. His ex-wife Tina Turner leveled abuse charges at him in her autobiography, though he was never arrested on any such charges, and he gained a reputation as a batterer, an image which, true or not, he was never able to shake.
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