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Brawling, Tasing and Stabbing
Brawling, Tasing and Stabbing
On August 7, 2011, the Mobile County Sheriff's Office in Alabama responded to a call from the New Welcome Baptist Church. It seems violence broke out when Pastor Daryl Riley told Music Director Simone Moore, aka self-proclaimed R&B singer Simone De Moore, that his services were no longer needed, and handed him a check. According to Lori Myles, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's office, "At that point, the minister of music, Mr. Moore, tased the pastor and then other people got involved, and I think it just escalated from that point." Apparently several church members joined in the fight, including Moore's mother, Agolia, who had to leave the all-out brawl after Deacon Harvey Hunt stabbed her with a pocket knife. Two people were treated for their injuries at a local hospital, including Agolia Moore who, received stiches for the wound on her arm. Warrants were issued for Simone Moore and Harvey Hunt.
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