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Teen Arrested for DIY Child Porn
Teen Arrested for DIY Child Porn
A 19-year-old Delaware man was arraigned on April 26 on charges including possession of child pornography, dissemination of photos of child sex acts, dissemination of child pornography. Police say Neil Allen Geckle, of Wayne, took Facebook photos of girls from nearby Radnor and Costenoga high schools, and posted them back on Facebook with his penis superimposed on them.

Police first got wind of Geckle's alleged activities in February, after receiving complaints from several girls. The girls reported having accepted a friend request from a Facebook user named "Matt" who claimed to attend their high school. On his profile, the girls found something disturbing -- pictures of themselves with erect penises in front of them. One girl told police that "Matt" used a photo she posted after getting her braces removed.

Though "Matt's" profile was taken down, detectives managed to track down Geckle through Facebook. He is currently in Delaware State Prison following his arraignment.
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