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Mauled at Home
Mauled at Home
Newport, Pa., couple Rich and Angie Moyer were enjoying the typical bustle of a Monday morning when, moments after letting the dog out, Rich opened the door again for the frightened animal who, it turned out, was being charged by a black bear. When the bear saw Rich it forgot about the dog and went after him, charging through the door, "All I saw was a bunch of black hair," Rich later said. When, hearing the commotion, Angie came downstairs, the bear decided to stop wrestling with the 6-foot 6-inch, 300-pound Rich and attacked her instead. The bear knocked Angie down and dragged her outside to the patio, "(Then) my husband, my hero, came and jumped and knocked the bear off of me," and suffered a brutal mauling. In all, Rich required 37 sutures to close a large wound on the back of his head. He was treated for numerous scratches and 20 puncture wounds from the bear's bites. Angie lost a chunk of her buttock to the bear and received treatment for bites on her breast and torso. Rich later told reporters, "I know what it's like to be a salmon now." Fortunately, the couple's terrified son, 10, hid upstairs during the attack. Unfortunately, their home owners' insurance doesn't cover bear attacks inside the home.