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Bad Parenting
Neglected by Mother's Love
Neglected by Mother's Love
Heather Jensen's parental negligence was truly shocking. On the night of November 27, 2012, the 24-year-old Colorado woman drove up to Grand Mesa for a tryst with her lover Colten Childers. While the two had sex in his truck, Jenson's sons William (2) and Tyler (4) were waiting nearby in their mother's Toyota 4Runner. Jensen had left the car's heater running on full blast in order to keep her kids warm in the chilly Colorado night. As fate would have it, the heater worked too well. After the encounter which lasted longer than a half-hour, Jensen went back to her SUV to find her sons stricken with hyperthermia. Their body temperatures were so elevated that they died of overheating -- a rare occurrence in wintertime. A Mesa County pathologist ruled the deaths accidental, but noted that leaving her children "in an unattended running motor vehicle constitutes neglect and is the sole cause directly responsible for the death(s)."

On January 16, 2013, Heather Jensen was arrested at her mother's home in Florida and brought back to Colorado to face justice. Jensen pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse resulting in death and criminally negligent homicide. Her trial is slated for October 2013 in Grand Junction, Colorado, but her attorneys are attempting to get the trial moved to another county where Jensen is not so infamous.

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