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Fernando Villa
Fernando Villa
Off-duty Miami-Dade police officer Fernando Villa, reputedly one of the department's finest, scored no P.R. points for the department when, on December 6, 2011, he was found passed out and drunk behind the wheel of his police cruiser as it idled at an intersection. According to reports, Miami-Dade Police Director Jim Loftus wanted Villa treated like anyone else would have been in his position: Booked and arrested. Villa was arrested, but was not booked into jail. Instead he was allowed to go home with the promise that he would return for a court date. This is reportedly the third embarrassing episode involving Miami-Dade police this year. The first in July, an on-duty patrolman on a police ATV nearly killed three people joyriding in the wee hours of the morning with a girl he picked up, and the second in November, a result of an escalating feud between Miami Police and the Florida Highway Patrol that culminated in one trooper getting his patrol car smeared with human feces.

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