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American Idol Scandals
Cynthia Elaine Bettis-Ware, 52, of St. Petersburg, Fla., was arrested by police on the morning of January 28, 2010, and charged with attempted murder in the knife attack she allegedly made on her boyfriend Kevin Johnson, 47, after they had quarreled about the previous night's episode of American Idol. As their argument grew heated, Johnson turned off the television and went to bed, but awoke later to find Bettis-Ware standing over him, pouring scalding hot chocolate onto him and attacking him with a large knife. Johnson was stabbed in the back five times, but was able to take the knife from Bettis-Ware and flee into the courtyard of the motel at which they live. Witnesses there called 911, and police and paramedics arrived to take control of the situation. Johnson's injuries were not life-threatening, but Bettis-Ware was held without bail pending her arraignment.