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Non-Emergency 911
When mental health patient Israel Rosado, 44, was discharged from the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute's emergency room on December 17, 2011, he refused to leave until he was given a meal. According to the affidavit, in response to officer Frasenello requesting that he leave, Rosado reportedly "pulled out his penis and urinated on the floor." When Police insisted that Rosado leave, he said he needed a ride. The officer on detail at the hospital, Ralph Holmes, directed Rosado to a pay phone, which he used to call 911 for a ride. Officer Christine Davis told Holmes that Rosado had been calling 911 for rides all day, so many times, in fact, that a dispatcher had been sent to warn him to stop. At this point, officers arrested Rosado on charges of misuse of 911 and trespass after warning. When Holmes arrested Rosado, the man reportedly began to pass gas of the worst kind. Unfortunately when the officer patted him down and cuffed him he "continued to pass gas," and, "The aroma was unbearable." Rosado was secured in the back of a squad car and transported to jail without further incident.
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