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Addicted to Luxury: The Pampered Killer


Braidhill, Kathy.  To Die For.  NY: St. Martin's Press, 2000.

Howard, Amanda and Martin Smith.  Rivers of Blood, Upublish, 2004.

The Press Enterprise, usually stories by Tim O'Leary, Marlowe Churchill, or Joe Vargo, including:

"Too Close to Home," May 6, 2003.

"Woman Enters Insanity Plea in Two Killings," March 11, 1995.

"Neighbors and Friends Express Shock and Disbelief Over Arrest," March 18, 1994.

"Nurse, 36, is Prime Suspect in Three Slayings and Assault," March 18, 1994.

"Sun City Woman, 87, Slain 15 Years After Husband's Death," March 19, 1994.

"Suspected Double Killer had Ties to 3rd Homicide," March 19, 1994.

"Nurse-suspect in Two Slayings has Arraignment Postponed," March 22, 1994.

"A New Hairdo, a Shopping Spree After a Murder..." March 26, 1994.

"Serial Killer Search Missed by Minutes," July 16, 1994.

"Judge Orders Trial for Gray," July 19, 1994.

"Execution Sought in Murders," July 23, 1994.

"Accused Serial Killer Says Judge Me from Your Heart," July 24, 1994.

"A Life Spinning into Free Fall," July 24, 1994.

"Former Nurse Drops Insanity Plea," Sept 10, 1998.

"Former Nurse Admits Serial Killings," Sept 10, 1994.

"Judge Orders Life Term for Murders," Oct 17, 1998.

"Woman Choked by Assailant," March 11, 1994.

"No Motive in Canyon Lake Stabbing Death," Feb. 22, 1994.

"No Suspects in Stabbing of Norma Davis," Feb 18, 1994.

"Judge Orders Life Terms for Murders," Oct 17, 1998.


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