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Addicted to Luxury: The Pampered Killer

Unusual Suspect

Dana Sue Gray
Dana Sue Gray
At five-foot-two, with shoulder-length blond hair, Dana Sue Gray fit the description of the woman who'd attacked Dorinda Hawkins.  She was caught after a bank clerk had notified June Roberts's relatives that her credit cards had been used after her death, and they in turn had told the police.  One detective had talked with the woman who had cared for Norma Davis was her former daughter-in-law, in fact and after some thinking, she had told them about Gray, providing an address.  Gray certainly fit the physical description, and had known both Norma Davis and June Roberts.  She was currently living with a man who had a five-year-old son.  When the police checked at the places where June Roberts's credit cards had been used, they learned about a blond woman who had a five-year-old boy in tow.  Apparently, she'd had him with her when she had killed Roberts.  That accounted for why she had been more careful about not spilling any blood.  She had also attempted to have her hair dyed red.

On the afternoon of March 16, officers staked out the mobile home on Mission Trail in Wildomar, where Gray resided with her boyfriend (not a suspect).  Once their warrant was approved, they arrested her and took her in for questioning.  They also looked at some of the items in her apartment.  At the very least, they had her on forgery and possession of stolen property. 

In her home, they found jewelry, food, liquor, a ski mask, a purse with nearly $2,000 stuck in the washing machine, and many items of clothing that she had purchased with the dead woman's credit cards.  Gray also possessed June Roberts' bank book, using it to withdraw about $2,000, and before the murder she'd had a key to Roberts' mobile home.  In addition, a set of keys found in Gray's home matched those taken from the antiques store where Dorinda Hawkins was attacked.  It was soon learned that at a bank's drive-in window, Gray had tried to withdraw another $2,000 from Beebe's account about two hours after her first withdrawal, but bank officials had refused to allow it.

Just before detectives began to interrogate Gray, they learned about the murder of Dora Beebe.  They wondered if it was possible that they'd snagged this killer right after she'd taken down her third victim.

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