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The 'Diamond City'

Schoolhouse Lane (David Lohr)
Schoolhouse Lane
(David Lohr)

Following the separation with Doris, Banks purchased a home at 28 Schoolhouse Lane in Wilkes-Barre and began to accumulate a harem of girlfriends.  All were white, at least ten years younger than Banks, and easily manipulated.  Some were homeless and saw George as their only way off the streets.  George lived a cult-like lifestyle, quickly amassing four girlfriends simultaneously, two of which were sisters. They all lived together and all bore him at least one child.  

Regina (Duryea) Clemens, Banks first lover, became pregnant prior to Banks separation with Doris and had a daughter, Montanzima Banks, in 1976.  Sharon Mazzillo moved in with Banks and Clemens shortly after Montanzimas birth.  She had a son, Kissamayu Banks, on October 6, 1976.  Regina Clemens sister Susan (Duryea) Yuhas moved in with the trio shortly after Kissmayu's birth.  She became pregnant by George the following year and bore a son, Bowendy Banks, in 1978.

Following the births of his children and the added responsibilities brought on by them, Banks mental state began to deteriorate.  The State Department of Environmental Resources (DER) asked Banks to resign in 1979.  He was an average worker but we came to a mutual agreement that he should leave, said James Chester, former Regional Director of the DER in Wilkes-Barre.  His work began to suffer because of his personal problems and the bureau thought that it would be best to conclude the relationship.

Living in a predominately white neighborhood and being involved in a series of interracial relationships brought its own share of problems to Banks home.  Banks claimed that his white neighbors intimidated the women and called the children African niggers.  His home was once firebombed. They attempted to burn my house, smashed several windows, squirted my babies with water when they were in the yard and intimidated the girls and children.  During a separate incident, while standing at the corner of McCarragher and High streets, Banks said because I was walking on the sidewalk they hit me with a beer bottle, called me racist names and chased me down the street. I had to grab a pipe to hold them off until police came. Before it was over, about 100 spectators had gathered to watch the whole thing.

This is the kind of thing I have had to live with my entire life," Banks said.  "They behave in a cowardly fashion.  They look down their nose at me, but theyre out there abusing innocent people who have nothing to do with this.  Theyre out there damaging my property and harassing my family. 

A former neighbor, Lester Scoble said, He (Banks) didnt want nobody to bother him. He didnt want our kids to play in his yard. He didnt like them (Banks' girlfriends) talking to other people. I dont even think any of them went out. I guess they all were one-man women.

In 1980, despite Banks prior arrest record, he obtained a job as a prison watchtower guard at the State Correctional Institute in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  Dorothy Lyons, moved in with the growing family.  She brought along her daughter from a previous marriage, Nancy Lyons, age nine.  Within months Dorothy was pregnant by Banks and on January 25, 1981 gave birth to a son, Foraroude Banks.  Shortly after Foraroude's birth, Susan Yuhas had a second child by Banks, a daughter, Mauritania Banks.  Sharon Mazzillo, tired of Banks and his growing harem, left the Banks' household and moved in with her mother a short time later.



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