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The West Memphis Three



Edward Mallettí's post Rule 37 hearing argument, which he submitted to Judge Burnett in the Circuit Court of Craighead County, Arkansas, No. CR93450 & 450A, State of Arkansas — Plaintiff/Respondent vs Damien Wayne Echols — Defendant/Petitioner
Post Rule 37 Hearing argument

Brent Davis' post Rule 37 hearing brief, which he submitted to Judge Burnett, in the Circuit Court of Craighead County, Arkansas, No. CR 93450 & 450A
Damien Echols — Petitioner vs State of Arkansas — Respondent
Respondent's Post-hearing Brief

Judge David Burnett's 6 page Rule 37 order in the Circuit Court of Craighead County Western District No. CR 93450 & 450A
State of Arkansas — Plaintiff vs Damien Echols — Defendant

Detective Mike Allen's report on his interview with a book store owner about Damien Echols's book buying habits
Document, written, but unsigned by Detective Sgt. Mike Allen of the WMPD dated 12/31/93.

Transcript of signed statement of Lt. James Sudbury of the WMPD regarding a telephone conversation with Steve Jones, a Juvenile Officer for Crittenden County, Arkansas.

Transcript of John Mark Byers's interview. By Gary Gitchell and Bryn Ridge. January 26th 1994.

Transcript of WMPD interview with John Mark Byers. Bryn Ridge and James Sudbury conducted the interview on 19 May 1993.

According to West Memphis Police Department Offense Incident Report, Complaint No: 1541, regarding victim Christopher Byers, dated 5-5-93, filed by Mark Byers

Transcript of Melissa Byers Interview
According to handwritten notes taken by Detectives Hester & Allen of the West Memphis PD during an Interview with Melissa Byers on 5-25-93 at 9:00a.m. (Melissa Byers' nationality is listed as: American)

Transcript of Brent Turvey's profiling report submitted to Defence Attorneys.
Psychological Profile and Forensic Analysis.
By Brent Turvey. MS


Criminal Profiling
An Introduction to Behavioural Evidence Analysis
Brent E. Turvey, M.S.
Academic Press 1999

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