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Jesse James Hollywood

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Astonishingly, only three days after he ordered Nick's murder, Hollywood appeared in a Ventura courtroom on charges of possessing alcohol, the Ventura County Star reported. Court records show he was cited on May 25 for underage drinking at Sycamore Canyon State Park. He pleaded guilty and was fined $265.

Soon afterward, Hollywood was seen dragging luggage from his home, the Los Angeles Times reported. He told a neighbor he needed to leave in a hurry "because too many people know where I live."

Nervous that the cops were closing in on him, Hollywood withdrew $25,000 from a bank account, bought a model-year Lincoln Town car, and sped out of California with his girlfriend. The couple stayed at the opulent Bellagio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas on August 15. The next day, they drove to Woodland Park, Colorado, where Hollywood's godfather, 48-year-old Richard Dispenza, taught physical education at a local high school and coached football and girl's soccer.

His girlfriend flew back to California, and Hollywood stayed with Dispenza for at least one night, according to the Rocky Mountain News. The next morning, Dispenza drove Hollywood to a Ramada Inn off Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs. He stayed there for three days and, after checking out that Sunday morning, would not be seen for four and a half years.

"The longer this goes on, the more dangerous he becomes," Detective Susan Payne of the Colorado Springs PD told the Colorado Springs Gazette. "The concern [is that] anyone who crosses his path could be in danger. Each hour that goes by, he becomes more dangerous because he's that much closer to being caught."

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