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"Jet" Duncan

Duncan, who sometimes called himself Jet, from Joseph E. the Third, was born Feb. 15, 1963.

The son of a career airman, he spent time in Europe and several cities in the United States before his family settled in Tacoma.

At age 15, with his parents' marriage on the rocks, he stole a car and fled from cops, ramming a police barricade after a chase.

In January 1980, a month before he turned 17, Duncan broke into a neighbor's home and stole four handguns. Later that day, he pulled a gun on a 14-year-old boy who walking home from school. He led him to a wooded area, where he raped him twice and beat him with a tree branch.

Duncan would later claim that he was crying out for attention from his mother and father, who were absorbed by their own marital problems.

Perhaps that was partially true. But Duncan went a sobering step further by torturing the boyindicative of a sadistic side.

He burned him with a cigarette and twice pointed the gun at him and fired it on empty chambers, leading the victim to believe he was about to be murdered.

Duncan was sentenced as an adult to up to 20 years in prison. A kind-minded judge suspended the sentence and ordered Duncan to be treated at a state mental hospital, but he washed out of that program after he was caught window-peeping.

He was sent away to prison.


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