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DB Cooper: The Legendary Daredevil


Books, Nonfiction

Gunther, Max, D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened, 1985, Chicago, Contemporary Books.

Himmelsbach, Ralph and Thomas K. Worcester, Norjack: The Investigation of D.B. Cooper, 1986, West Linn (OR), Norjack Project.

Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas, Vanished!, 1991, New York, Walker Publishing.

Rhodes, Bernie, and Russell Calame, D.B. Cooper: The Real McCoy, 1991, Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press.

Tosaw, Richard Thomas, D.B. Cooper: Dead or Alive, 1984 Ceres (CA), Tosaw Publishing Co.


Books, Fiction

Houston, Darrel Bob, D.B. King of the Midnight Blue, 1976, Los Angeles, Avalon Books.

Hudson, Vivian H., D. B. Cooper—Where Are You?, 1989, New York, Carlton Press.

Reed, J.D., The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, 1980, New York, Dell Publishing (previously released as Freefall by Delacorte Press, New York.


Newspaper Stories

"Vanishing Act: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper," by Cynthia Gorney, WashingtonPost, Feb. 18, 1980.

"D.B. Cooper Is Alive: The Legend Won't Let Him Die," by Ron Martz, ChicagoTribune, Dec. 5, 1985.

"D.B. Cooper Makes Landing on Tabloid TV, But Is It Him?," by Jolayne Houtz, SeattleTimes, Feb. 18, 1994.

"D.B. Cooper—Perfect Crime or Perfect Folly?," by Richard Seven, SeattleTimes, Nov. 17, 1996.

"Man still trying to track legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper," by Richard Seven, Seattle Times, Nov. 20, 1996.

"The Legend of a Jet Age Jesse James," by Richard E. Meyer, Los AngelesTimes, Dec. 6, 1996.

"Co-pilot in 1971 Cooper hijacking retires," by the Associated Press, June 30, 1999.

"Hijacker dies after jump from plane near Manila," by Oliver Teves, Associated Press, May 26, 2000.

"Skull, once a fable, is now a clue," by Benjamin Shors, Seattle Times, June 13, 2000.

"'D.B. Cooper' pilot dies; William Scott never talked much about 1971 skyjacking," by Susan Gilmore, Seattle Times, March 15, 2001.

"D.B. Cooper puzzle: The legend turns 30," by Susan Gilmore, Seattle Times, Nov. 22, 2001.

"30 years ago, D.B. Cooper's night leap began a legend," by Sam Skolnik, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nov. 22, 2001.


Magazines Stories

"D.B. Cooper, Where Are You?," by David Gates with Mark Kirchmeier, Newsweek, Dec. 26, 1983.

"Skyjacker at large: A Florida widow thinks she has found him," by Douglas Pasternak, U.S. News and World Report, June 24, 2000.

"The Mystery of D.B. Cooper," by Musika Farnsworth, Parachutist, November 2003.


Worldwide Web Resources

Information on the History of Hijacking:

"FAA History Chronology, 1926-1996,"

The FBI Account of the Richard McCoy Jr. Hijacking"


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