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Eggnog explosion in New jersey injures two

Reports are still sketchy at this point, but it seems that two employees were working on a new recipe for eggnog, when the vat of combined eggnog flavorings exploded causing a blast that could be felt for at least a mile in every direction.

Watch: Passed-out drunk guy gets head run over

Though some say an intoxicated sleeping person is less likely to be hurt a car accident, they probably weren’t thinking about someone getting his head run over by a car. Though the victim reportedly seemed okay, he was rushed to a hospital and kept overnight. In the morning when he still seemed okay, they let him go.

Trapped student rescued from giant ‘vagina’

Summer is upon us, and tourists all over the world are doing really stupid stuff and getting themselves into trouble. Today we present the unnamed American exchange student who, while abroad in Germany, required the help of 22 rescue workers to extricate him from the statue of a vagina, in which he inserted himself on a dare.

Naked man was stuck with penis in pipe — for two days

When the whole thing was over, the man offered a very strange excuse for the very strange situation in which he was found, “It was hot so I was painting the wall in the nude, and I slipped on the floor causing my private parts to fall inside the pipe” He said he didn’t think anyone would believe him.

Two killed, three injured rescuing cell phone from toilet

Two people are dead and three injured after a woman in Henan, China, accidentally dropped her brand-new cell phone into the open-pit toilet she was using. Six people waded into the pool of human waste; all were overcome and lost consciousness. The fate of the phone is unreported, but it’s probably still in there.

Man tries to smoke cigarette and blow nose at same time, burns down house

An unnamed Davidson County North Carolina couple in their 60s is temporarily homeless after the man reportedly blew his nose while smoking a cigarette. It was around 3 a.m. on June 2, 2014, he told firefighters, when he blew his nose and the cigarette set the tissue on fire. He dropped the flaming tissue and tried to stomp it out.

X-ray: Guy with a chainsaw blade embedded in his neck

What’s that mothers are always telling you to avoid? Swimming right after a meal, running with scissors, and climbing a tree with a running chainsaw? Maybe not quite, but any mother who thought of that last one, would definitely tell you not to do it.

Half-naked woman falls into well during outdoor sex-capade

A couple in Spain, who decided to make sweet love in a park known for its teen drinking parties and covert liaisons, was rudely interrupted when the cover of the well shaft on which they were consummating their mutual admiration failed, causing the woman to plunge into the icy water below.

Drunken gun ‘safety’ demo ends fatally

A man offering his girlfriend a demonstration of safe gun use, accidentally used a loaded weapon and shot himself in the head during his brief, though informative, presentation.

Woman mistakes pepper spray for deodorant, injures two

Police in W├╝rzburg, Germany are considering charges against a woman whose decision to freshen up in the washroom at a local nightclub wound up temporarily shutting down the club, and injuring two other women.

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