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Eggnog explosion in New jersey injures two

A view of the third floor, where the explosion occurred.

A view of the third floor, where the explosion occurred.

Reports are still sketchy at this point, but it seems that two employees were working on a new recipe for eggnog, when the vat of combined eggnog flavorings exploded causing a blast that could be felt for at least a mile in every direction.

According to Fire officials in Totowo the explosion that occurred Saturday night around 8 p.m. at the Pharmachem pharmaceutical plant.

The explosion blew off the entire back of the three story plant, where food flavorings are made, covering the ground with broken glass, pieces of roofing, and shattering windows across the street. Responding firefighters said, “It was a flash fire, and it blew itself out just as we got there.”

The two workers were in another part of the building at the time. Both sustained only minor injuries. Authorities report that the blast caused millions of dollars worth of damage, and that part of the building will likely have to be demolished.

Further investigation of the blast pattern revealed that there may have actually been two explosions. Though they both seem to have come from inside the heated vat, investigators are looking into the possibility that there may have been a pocket of air trapped and under pressure in the vat along with the supposedly non-flammable substance.

Allen Del Vecchio, Totowa Fire Marshall and eggnog lover concluded, “I guess now I’ll have to drink something else, right?” He maintains that given the scope of the explosion, it’s remarkable that more people weren’t hurt.

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