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Accused ‘Slender Man’ stabber ruled incompetent to stand trial

From left: Anissa Weier and Morgan Geiser

From left: Anissa Weier and Morgan Geiser

On May 31, 2014, two tweens from  Waukesha, Wisconsin, allegedly tried to kill one of their classmates as a sacrifice to an imaginary Internet boogie man called Slender Man. The victim, who is also 12, was stabbed 19 times, and only narrowly survived. She told investigators that her friends Morgan Geiser and Anissa Weier had stabbed her and left her for dead. The accused girls have been in custody ever since, charged as adults with attempted murder. According to Wisconsin law, juveniles age 10 and up, charged with attempted homicide must begin their legal odyssey through the court system as adults.

Today a judge ruled Geiser incompetent to stand trial after two doctors, one each for the defense and the prosecution, testified before the court. The doctors’ reports have not been released. The judge then granted the prosecution’s atypical request that Geiser be tested for mental disease or defect, which could form the basis of a future insanity plea in her defense.

While Geiser is undergoing testing, her lawyer will likely attempt to have her case moved to juvenile court. That has not yet happened, nor is it a given at this time.

Anissa Weier also appeared in court Wednesday. Both girls are scheduled to be back in adult court on August 1. The judge has asked that people with cameras refrain from photographing the girls’ faces. Both are being held in a juvenile facility at this time.

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